How to wear a denim jacket?

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  1. What's your best advice for rockin' a jean jacket? I have this totally cute one I got a few years back from Hollister, I love it, only I've worn it like twice. I hear when you wear a jean jacket with jeans you should match the denim...but I don't want to look like a jean monster. What's your advice for wearing it and not looking like a fool? TIA girls!
  2. I don't think you should wear a denim jacket and pants. Denim on denim is too much, I think. Try black or white pants.
  3. over a spring/summer dress or skirt
  4. Urgh NEVER wear jeans with a denim jacket! Looks beyond horrible. Wear it over a dress or with trousers
  5. Thanks ladiesss :heart:
  6. A denim jacket is a cute contrast to girly tops and skirts. Since I never wear long coats, my denim jacket is what I wear the majority of the time.

    My two rules are: Never wear denim with denim; and a denim coat needs to be classic, i.e. Levis, Gaps, or similar, but cut for a girl. I am not a fan of the various interpretations on denim jackets out there at all.
  7. i love the look of a sundress and a white denim jacket! perfect for those cooler months, and offers an edgy alternative to a cardigan :smile:
  8. You all are awesome! Thanks!!
  9. I recently bought a denim jacket too, and had trouble figuring out what to wear it with...but most of the time i wear them with leggings, sundress, black jeans (jbrand), or khakis.
  10. i wear them over work clothes, dresses, and skirts. i agree, denim + denim = denim overload
  11. black, simple dress paired with a light jean jacket - perfect!!
  12. I love to wear denim jackets over a semi dressy dress to sort of dress it down a bit. Denim over white denim looks good too
  13. I have a couple of denim jackets, one from Old Navy and the other from True Religion cropped denim jacket. I wear it with tunics and leggings, khakis, black, white dressy capris. Anything but denim.
  14. I never, ever pair a denim jacket with jeans! I agree with others that it looks cute over a summer dress or khakis, black slacks etc.