How to Wear a Chanel Brooch?

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  1. I just bought a Chanel logo brooch (w/ pearls)--- and I have no clue how to accessorize with it. Can anyone help suggest different ways to wear this? Pic is below, thanks!

  2. I usually wear them on a jacket on or near the lapel -- depending if there is a lapel. In the 90s I used to wear them on a shirt up at the neck but haven't seen that done in awhile, but then I'm in the boonies where women look more hippy than hip. (my bad). You could pin it on a sweater as well. Imo, a very nice accent. Congrats on your new accessory!
  3. I usually wear mine on the lapel of my jackets.
  4. on the lapel of my jacket
  5. Putting them in hats and scarves works too!
  6. I have a couple brooches and I use then on the back of some of my jersey razorback or crisscross dresses.
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  7. Do you have any modeling pics? that sounds like a good idea since I don't wear a lot of jackets
  8. Unfortunately no pics lately. It works the same on tops as well. But I make sure not to damage the fabric or brooch. Think of it as binding the fabric together and the brooch holds it together. It worked in a bind when my strap broke at a wedding years ago and I have been doing it ever since...
  9. a girl i used to work with them used to pin a thin ribbon around her waist with a CC to make a belt as well as sometimes use it to alter the shape of a sweater (i.e make it look like a wrap around). She always looked fantastic when she did it and it gave function as well as form to her broach.

    Its a beautiful broach - you are so lucky!!
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  10. :tup: I'm going to try this.. maybe in the fall though, it's getting warmer here
  11. you can put it under the bust of a shirt if its like an empire shirt... thats what I would do or put it on a scarf
  12. if you wear pearl necklaces, you can put your brooch on 2 or more strands of pearl necklaces and make the look more glamorous and polished ;)
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  13. Any more suggestions as I am hoping to get a new camelia soon.

  14. I was just going to suggest this. If you look at my Avatar I have a huge Stephen Dweck brooch on a strand of pearls (folded over multiple times). Brooches are the best, lots of functionality :P
  15. I've used my brooches to connect several strands to make a cool necklace... or a brooch instead of a necklace on a top or dress. :smile: