how to wear a Chanel bag...

  1. i was looking to purchase a new bag and Chanel is among the top 2 finalists. it'll be my first Chanel purchase and don't know much about how to match one with my clothing style.

    i'm looking to purchase either a classic 2.55 in white or a classic tote also in white. both with gold settings.

    i've seen mischa barton and rachel bilson wear their classics with casual clothing, but still unsure of whether i can pull it off.

    the style of the bags look formal, but i'm so in love with it!

    in your opinions, do you think these bags would look good with a very casual outfit?

    and with that, would it still compliment evening attire?

    thanks :heart:
  2. Absolutely! I wouldn't wear them with an evening gown but evening attire to go to dinner, drinks, clubs etc would totally work.
  3. i think they go both ways. evening dinners or casual outfits.
  4. I wear all of my bags dressy or casual with jeans.
  5. it seems that the classic flap works pretty well with formal or casual (especially with jeans)
  6. thanks, ladies. :smile:

    now i just have the issue of what color i want to get! at the moment, i'm choosing between beige or pink. any suggestions?
  7. I prefer the beige for I'm not a pink person. Goodluck with your decision.
  8. pink personally :smile: i don't look good with beige 'coz of my skintone, plus I LOVE PINK !!!!
  9. --> i'd say... if you're a pink person, then do the pink!!

    i'm a BIG pink fan... i have the 2.55 classic flap in baby pink caviar w/ silver hardware, and i LOVE it! it's VERY cute w/ jeans, flats and a cute coat... but also very EASY to dress up, since it's a still small enough to pass as a dressy bag (the tote is probably not as versatile from night to day)

    if you want to get something that is VERY versatile, i probably would not get a beige or pink, since they are a bit harder to match (that is a problem i have w/ my pink, i can't bear myself to wear it if i'm in colors that clash w/ the pink) BUT, if you 1. don't really care about being matchy-matchy, or 2. have a LOT of wardrobe that could coordinate w/ either of these colors, then choose what you feel you like better, or is more appropriate -if you are still confused between the two, you can't go wrong w/ classic white or black!!

    good luck! and let us know what you intend on getting... if you need help locating a bag once you've decided, the lovely gals on the forum are always willing to help!!
  10. You can definitely wear it casually! I'm in jeans pretty much all the time and my dark beige one looks adorable with most everything I wear.
  11. thanks again for your input, ladies. i really needed these suggestions! haha. otherwise, i'd be COMPLETELY lost. [;

    well, i just saw happie_berrie's thread where she posted pictures of her classic pink mini. i fell in love with it... like you, pinkpiano, i LOVE pink. hehe...

    BUT then i read janny & LVbabydoll's posts and i think i'm now leaning towards the beige because of my wardrobe, but i'm oogling at berrie's soft, gorgeous color. what a dilemma! the first outfit i'm planning to wear it with is an all white dress, so that doesn't help much because both colors go well with it.

    i'll keep you posted!

    oh and PS: janny, i wanted either a black or white one in the beginning, but i found that i have both black and white clutches already! =)