How to wear a cadena?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how people use the cadena on their birkins or kellys. I can't figure out a way except to replace the lock when the clochette is hanging down. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Yup, that's one way, Tammy.

    Another way would be to secure it on the turnkey itself.

    If it's for the Kelly, secure it on the bag loop on the flap.

    :heart: :heart: Hope you are having loads of fun in NYC.
  3. Thanks Mrssparkles!!!

    ps. am having fun in NYC!
  4. i wear it with the hermes chain as a pendant :p
  5. ^^ I still can't find the H leather choker I like :crybaby: Better luck in the new shipments I hope.
  6. That's so very chic over a turtleneck top. :love:
  7. I still love hanging the cadenas on the clochette. It still makes me smile to see it on the passenger seat when I drive. I using the heart at the moment but I love changing them regularly (it's easier than changing bags too).
  8. I think the same way Sus when I look over at my bag on the passenger seat.
  9. I wear one hanging off the clochette (JPG Birkin) and the other (Kelly) of the handle loop:


  10. Ooh! Very nice! I think I shall try that when I want to use my new birkin. Thank you everyone!