How to Watermark your photos!!!

  1. Please everyone you should always watermark your photos. If you do not know how, this should be an easy quide.

    Download IRFANVIEW. this is a very easy program to use.

    you can download it here

    choose your location nearest you.

    once you have successfully completed the download open the program, go to file-open locate your photo graphs and then go to image resize resample. you can also rotate your photographs. a good size is 450 by 600. or you can go larger if you want.

    this is when you can watermark your photos. first- left click on your mouse to create a rectangle over your photo, then go to edit-insert text into your selection. there are options to choose your font, size, and color of your text.

    then after you are satisfied with it, don't forget to save!

    i hope this helps!!!
  2. ah. very helpful, fayden.

    Im going to do this when I get home...
  3. Thanks so much Fayden! I had no clue as how to do this, you are a genius!!
  4. Thank you Fayden. This is very helpful :amuse:
  5. Thanks Fayden! I'm going to do this when I get home from work tonight!
  6. thanks so much for the useful info. this is a great idea!
  7. i just don't want any lurkers who come here just to steal our photos of our bags and then post them for their own ebay auctions!! it's happened to me before too.
  8. Thank you Fayden!!!
  9. I will do this as soon as this wedding I'm in is over. I've always wanted to do it but never go around to.
  10. thanks :smile:
  11. one more q!!! how can i replace my pics with ones that ive watermarked? do i have to delete old ones and upload or what?? Sorry im not good in these things :sad:
  12. just watermark your old photo and save it, it'll replace the old one. If you already watermarked a bunch and now have duplicates, just delete the ones you don't need any longer, then empty your recycle bin.
  13. Thanks, Fayden, you're always super helpful!
  14. Thanks Fayden! I've never been able to figure out how to do it so this is very helpful!
  15. thanks