How to wash Rachel Pally clothes??

  1. Hi girls, I know that it says dry clean only but is it ok to put them in the washing machine? Has anybody here tried?

    thanks x
  2. i've handwashed my rachel pally bolero with no problems, and i have the feeling my mother's stuck it in the laundry machine without my knowing it as well, but if it's something you really really like i'd dry clean just to be safe, or else hand wash in cold water and then air dry-or the gentle cycle seems to work just as well. i got my bolero or really really cheap so it's not an issue, but i'd hate to see something you like get ruined :wtf:
  3. I handwash in cold water. Often "dry clean only" doesn't truly apply! Gentle washing with a baby shampoo or Woolite in cold water, then drying flat always works for my Rachel Pally items.
  4. if you have a front-load washer, you should be safe doing it on the hand washable cycle and laying it flat to dry. if you have a top-load, don't put it in the washer. hand-wash in cold water with the woolite that's made for hand washing and lay flat. either should work fine for items made out of that sort of jersey.
  5. Great! Thanks girls xx
  6. I have a printed rachel pally dress and I put it in the washing machine, and the "paint" that makes the print faded a little bit. Just a warning if you're washing a printed garment.
  7. I love Rachel Pally's dresses! Hmm...I do dryclean them cause just too afraid if I mess it up. Maybe I will try to put in the washer with cold water and gentle cycle. I hope it's okay :hrmm:
  8. I put mine in the regular washer in cold water on a regular cycle and I've never had a problem.:tup: I just let them 100% air dry, and maybe a little 5 minute "no heat" fluff in the dryer for any wrinkles.