How to ward off a cold?

  1. I woke up with a hoarse throat and a cough. Is there any way I can ward off my cold for another day or so? I've drank a lot of orange juice and bought some Cold Eeze. Any other ideas?? I have a date with a guy I really like. He's leaving for a three week trip soon so I really want to see him today....

  2. If you feel it in your sinuses, go down and buy a bottle of saline sinus spray. It costs about $2 for two bottles at my local drugstore. It works amazing at clearing up colds and sinus infections that are just starting.
  3. Or if you can't get to a chemist, warm water and salt works just as well.
  4. Technically, you can't ward off a cold. If the virus has infiltrated your system you just have to wait until your immune system kills it off. Antibiotics won't help as they treat bacterial infections. Cold Eaze, Vitamin C, Zinc haven't consistently proved to be effective in most cases. The only thing you can do is help your body kill of the virus by resting and keeping hydrated, from there..treat the symptoms.

    As far as your date, I've never let a cold get in the way of kissing a girl I like. :smile:
  5. True, but a little extra Vit C never hurts!;)
  6. Vit C, Zinc & Echincea,
  7. LOL you are so mean Charles, passing your germs to the poor girl :roflmfao:
    I agree once the virus is in your system all you can do is to boost your immune system to fight it. Loads of freshly squeezed orange juice.
    I drink about half pint every morning get few colds! Echinachea is also good!
  8. Orange Juice! Cold FX!
  9. I use ARBORNE (not the skin care company) It works so good for me. I was also taking 2 tablets a day and making smoothies with alot of blueberries, raspberries, wheat germ, oj, bananas and any other fruit I could find. Or better yet, go to your Jamba Juice and get the coldbuster and take it with the Arbornne AND I forgot to mention try taking ZYCAM. It goes up your nose.
    I did all three and it shorted the duration of my cold!
  10. I swear by the Coldbuster drink from Jamba Juice :smile:
  11. I swear by Zicam...I know alot of people don't like it...but my MIL (a nurse) turned me onto it and it works very well for me
  12. No no..I meant if she had a cold.
  13. Zicam! I would have never thought, as I don't believe in most supplements, but this really works. I also inhale warm salt water through my nose and spit it out my mouth and it clears my sinuses. Sounds gross, but I've seen it all.
  14. It all just depends on your own immune system. I'm one of those who rarely catches a cold for some odd reason. My husband and boys can have a cold and I never catch it although I'm in very close contact and taking care of them when they have the colds. It's like God doesn't want to give me a break....LOL (J/K) I sometimes wish I'd catch one so I could lie down and have them take care of

    I do wash my hands a lot when I'm around people with colds---especially when taking care of my boys and hubby if they are sick. I will also start to drink lots of fluids myself and sipping chicken broth. Also at the very first sign of a cold within myself I take something very strong like Nyquil (works for me) and I just pass out and rest myself. Usually when I awake the signs are gone.
    I think it's really just my system but I'd like to think that preventive methods work as well in some way.