How to walk in Rolandos and other 4-5" heels?

  1. This is kind of embarrassing, but I am having serious trouble walking in my new CL Rolandos. If I'm not tripping over the carpet I'm looking stiff and robotic. The highest heels I've ever had are my CL Simple Pumps 85 so I'm not at all experienced. Does it just take time? Or is there a special technique? Extremely high heel experts *cough cough fatefullotus* ;) please come to my rescue!
  2. Yes, Fatefullotus has been a little quiet lately. I would summon her as well,as there is nothing she does not know about shoes. Not to mention what can, can't and should not be worn w/ our outfits. She is the Emily Post of the shoe world.Maybe all this sweet talk will lure her out!
  3. Well, I should be getting my Rolandos very soon (hopefully tomorrow!) so I'll let you know if I can walk in them, and if so, how. Usually in other heels that are pretty high I just can't take very big steps and have to be careful not to step on anything bumpy where I might lose my footing. So if I walk down the street I'll watch the crumbly parts on the sidewalk or cracks, etc. And I don't walk very far in them.
  4. If you are used to 85 mm and jumped to 120 mm or so, then I'm sure practice is all it will take. Are you trying to walk on carpet too? I find it's actually easier to walk in my higher heels on pavement/outside. I can walk easily in all of my 120 mm heels, but I'm used to them. The only problem I encounter is for a few minutes when I put them on initially. It's difficult from going barefoot/socks to those heels. LOL
  5. I say practice makes perfect! Practice around the house a lot.
  6. I have to keep knee highs or hose on with my simples. At least I guess untill they s t r e t c h o u t a bit. I don't wear 3 inch heels daily so it takes practice for me too.
  7. I wonder if it's the Rolando shape that's the culprit. I live in 120 mm Louboutin heels, and consider myself a pro, but my Rolandes kill me. I haven't stepped out of the house in them because I think I won't be able to make it through the night.
  8. I still haven't gotten my Rolandos yet because I keep missing the FedEx guy. :sad: I hope I can walk in them though because I think they are so pretty and I'm really excited to wear them.
  9. Chic - I find that if you walk with a very straight back that it makes much easier to walk in very high heels, especially the rolandos, and walking slowly helps too. These are not the kind of shoes you want to wear when you will be in a rush...
  10. Practice and yes, it does take time. Practice on all types of surfaces just so you know how to adjust when you take steps. And lastly, try not to be too self conscious about it, you will probably be the one wearing the hottest shoes in the room, so work it!
  11. it will be fine. i shop with a baby in my hand with 100mm so i am sure you c can manage it. as many pros have said, practice practice and more practice.
  12. aw, this is bad news. I love the Rolandos but if they're that painful to wear there's no point in getting them because I know I wont wear them outside the house anyway :sad:
  13. The Rolandos are hard to walk in because of the shape IMO. I love them but I never wear them for more than 3 hours. I live in 85mm heels and hate wearing my heels that are higher. Beauty comes with pain..LOL
  14. LOL Yes, you called? :sweatdrop:

    You ladies are too much! I feel like such a fraud reading this, as I'm sitting here in my 85mm stiletto boots (icy in New York City today, and I'm running to the airport after work). But aside from what everyone here has already suggested (I love that all the high heel wearers can congregate here!), I remember writing a visualization post for high heel wearers. It's here (middle of Post #12).

    Hope that helps, Chicba! And take those Rolando's for a spin!
  15. Where do you get all this knowledge from? Is there anything you are not an expert on? I picture you with a cape in a drawer to pull out for us like Under Dog or something. Really, every answer so thought out and detailed. Now, that you have been summoned, you must give us your take on the new CL's posted this am at Saks. :flowers: