How to walk in my new Louboutin 4" Decollete 868 shoes :-)

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  1. Here are my new Luoboutin Decollete 868 shoes. They are sexy and gorgeous, but really high (for me)! I'm practicing with them right now in my flat as I'm not used to 4" stilleto heels. I normally have 3" stilleto heels or chunky heels.

    Okay, I know it shouldn't be a big difference in height, but maybe since I'm relatively tiny with size 35 shoes, a little bit of extra height in the heels might feel like a huge difference. :cutesy:

    Decollete868_LaVan2.jpg Decollete868_LaVan3.jpg
  2. Well I couldn't begin to tell you how to walk in them as I get road rash from anything but flats :P but I just wanted to say those are gorgeous shoes!
  3. don't lean forward and practice a lot!
  4. Thanks christi and swankymama!

    I think I'm getting better at it. I asked my husband how it looks like when I walk and he said it looks fine, but heck, I need more practice.

    It's definitely not for walking in town. Maybe just for my office or dinners. I just love them so much that's why I bought them.
  5. whenever i get new shoes i walk around the house in them for a while everyday until i get used to them. i never fall in them, but in case you do, at least it's at home and not on the streets :lol:!
  6. Yea, I usually walk on carpet first. The cheap work carpet works well. That way I can break them in, but if I break my neck I can still return them.
  7. You can do it, just practice them wearing them around the house first. After a days wear in them you should be able to walk in them with no problem. Congrats on you new shoes.
    By the way, if you don't mind me asking can you tell me where you purchased them and how much? I've been looking for Louboutin heels, but don't know where to get them at. Thanks.
  8. Thanks yeuxhonnetes, elongreach and pursefanatic.

    You guys are right that if I fall, at least I'm at home :lol: Well, I have wooden floors in my flat so I need to take baby steps. I thought maybe I should practice in a grocery store with a shopping cart for support like what the author recommends in the book "How to Walk in High Heels." Then, I realized that grocery stores where I live are miniature so won't get much practice there :lol:

    pursefanatic - I ordered them at the Louboutin boutique in Paris (the one at Jean-Jacques Rousseau) and they shipped it express 1 day. You can PM me for more details if you like.
  9. I bought a pair of insoles from (I think) it was a site recommended on TFS. At least you can walk in them, I've tried on some gorgeous shoes only to not be able to go anywhere - I think I have high arches or something. At least Manolos seem to fit me ok, but the only Louboutins I tried didn't. :crybaby:
  10. what gorgeous shoes!
  11. Lovely shoes. You may want to put grips or scratch the bottoms for extra grip for slick floors.
  12. Those shoes are hot! I couldn't walk in them, but they are beauties.
  13. Oh, we have the same shoes!!
  14. They are fabulous LaVan! If I may say, I think your taste in shoes is even better than your taste in bags!

    As for walking, just keep doing what you are doing, practice makes perfect! I only have one pair of four inchers & they are my fabulous pink suede Rupert Sanderson pumps, which I adore, but frankly, can't really wear for long periods. For a few hours before I leave the house in them I wear them constantly & walk up & down my stairs. I do this everytime as it feels like my feet forget how to wear them in between uses!
  15. FAAAAAHHH-BULOUS shoes first off!

    In my LBs, I took them to my shoe dude and he put lightweight insoles inside as well as added a thin rubber sole to the botttom- worked wonders! I still wouldnt consider them "comfy" but bearable now, before I found them excruciating after about an hour of prancing!