how to wait list?


Nov 6, 2006
As some of you might remember, I was saving up for the azur speedy. Last week, my mom called the store we are going to and there are no azurs in the store. They will be coming this week or next week. So I asked if there was a way to reserve one and they say they couldn't do that :confused1: .

So now we will be calling again and go as soon as they come in but I had some questions about wait listing for you all (because I want to ask about the hearth coin purse when we go...)

Do they only let regular customers on the wait list? Do you have to pay or give your number? How come I couldn't get on the list for an azur, some of you do that?

Ow yeah, any more info on the hearth? When is it coming, how much will it cost?


Le temps devant soi
Dec 17, 2006
there has been a misunderstanding that only regular shopper be able to put down their now under waitlist, actually any1 who would like to buy will be able, depends on how long and which bags, time is different

but one thing, some customer seems misuse it sometimes, such as always put name, never buy, etc