How to volumize those darn tresses

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  1. Hey ladies, just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get massively voluminous hair a la Paris (not for the every day, more for going out at night, etc.). How do you think she holds that up?? I think I've tried everything on the planet! What works for you?? Help!! :cursing:
  2. MzSherry-- have you seen her "video"?

    Now, combine that with the infamous "hair gel" scene in "There's Something About Mary' and I think you will get your answer!!

    LOL Seriously though I would image her stylist teases the heck out of it. I have heard that good volumizers are Kerastase and Redken Guts, as well as Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray.:smile:
  3. Matrix has some excellent volymizing products. Teasing the hair from the root for a night out helps too. Remember, Paris uses extensions ;)
  4. paris's hair is made thicker by extensions. the best way i've found is to wash, condition, and blow dry your hair upside-down. flip your head over. then just style like you normally would - it makes the roots stand up more than they usually do.
  5. use volumizing shampoo, little conditioner, and lots of back combing and hairspray
  6. :roflmfao:

    So basically, lots of teasing! I'm going to try out some of the products you guys recommended, TIA!!! :flowers: There's just something about big hair that really attracts me.. who knows? :shrugs: Maybe it's just you want what you can't have! :Push:
  7. It's mostly the extensions that gives her that look. It wouldnt matter if she used Suave or Keratase without them.
  8. extensions and back combing is the answer!
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