How to verify Authenticity?

  1. just wondering how your members verify authenticity? I am selling a bag on e-bay which is defenity real (bought it myself at a department store) and your blogers said it was fake when a buyer tried to verify. I am confused and wonder about trusting this site? Or trusting the well known department store?
  2. oops - spelled definitely wrong! sorry.
  3. I would find out why people think the bag is fake. People on this site can make a mistake every now and then. Post pics of you bag under the appropriate forum and see what the problem is.
  4. Although the authenticators here can make mistakes at times they are experts with years of experience on the brand. If you are sure your bag is real perhaps you can go to the page where they verify this particular brand and show it for yourself - then you can see why they think it's fake.
  5. I would post photos and/or detailed pics of the bag under the Authenticate This! section of the appropriate brand. People will be happy to tell you why they might think it's fake. It could also be a mistake or that the pictures didn't show the item well enough.
  6. :yes:
    It can be deceiving sometimes and we do as best as we can (I help in the LV forum) since we can't hold or touch the item ourselves.