How to use...

  1. I bought some Tarte gel blush and i dont know how to use it, no directions and i have never used cream or gel based blush before. I use foundation and than put some pressed powder on top to set foundation. Which step should this kind of blush be ? I have no clue so help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies !!!
  2. I apply it straight onto my cheeks after foundation and blend it in with my finger, before powder. If you apply it after powder it becomes cakey. Remember to clean it after using cos foundation will get stuck to it!! Sometimes I swipe a little on my finger before applying it to my face too. It's really up to you.
  3. huh, I was going to answer because I'e been using this stuff for yeeears (blushing bride) and I LOVE it! But I don't use foundation so I'm not so sure. I just moisturize then put it on top of that. Since I'm the only one who uses it I dab it on directly from the container. Um, maybe right after the foundation but right before the powder?
  4. I used mine over powder, but when I do that I put some of the gel on my finger first and dab and blend lightly over my cheeks. If you put it on out of the container after powder, it looks bad. I'll have to try using powder after it though..
  5. if you do powder after, make sure the gel is dry...or the powder will just collect on your cheeks
  6. Thanks soooo much ladies, i will try tonight !!!
  7. I agree with putting it on with fingers before powder. I've tried both ways and the after powder look is not really a natural flush. I really love the way this stuff looks!