How to use tinted moisturizer?

  1. Hi ladies! I had a question about tinted moisturizer. How exactly do you use it? Do you mix it with your usual moisturizer that you use or just apply by itself? I'm getting really tired of wearing power everyday to work, it kinda makes me look flakey sometimes, and I want to try something new. All the help and advice is greatly appreciates. TIA!
  2. I love tinted moisturizers but i dont think that theyre moisturizing enough by themselves. I apply moisturizer before the tinted moisturiser for an extra boost.
  3. i also use a moisturizer first, and then apply the tinted moisturizer as a would apply foundation. however, i don't "set" my tinted moisturizer (as you would foundation w/ powder). for me, the whole point of tinted moisturizer to to look a bit more natural, rather than totally "made up."
  4. I moisturize my skin as usual, then I put the tinted moisturizer on my entire face and neck.

    Sometimes I just wear it in place of foundation and set it with loose powder.

    Sometimes I add mineral foundation on top if I want extra coverage. Other times, I just blend a little foundation on top in places where I need it. I find it really makes my skin look fresh all day and it helps the foundation stay on better!
  5. I use a heavier moisturizer at night and in the morning, I use a serum and eye cream then apply my tinted moisurizer.
    You won't need 2 coats of moisturizer if your skin is normal or oily.
    You can use your fingers or a flat brush, apply concealer after, then I lightly powder.
  6. I'm sure it varies depending on what tinted moisturizer you're using and your own skin type and coloration, but I am in my late 40's, on the fair end, and wear Bobbi Brown's tinted moisturizer, but only on weekend days. For work and for evenings out, I prefer the coverage of BB foundation, but on weekend mornings, I just use a blob of the tinted moisturizer. No moisturizer needed underneath (although I use my skin perfecting lotion first.)
  7. that's exactly what I do.
  8. I do the same. Usually I don't put a powder over my tinted moisturizer, but when I do it's usually a light dust of bronzer.
  9. I use it in place of foundation, apply concealer, then pressed powder.
  10. Thanks ladies. I really like all of your ideas. I think I'll try out different ones and see which works best for me. I don't want to have to wear powder over it but I do like the idea of wearing a mineral powder..if I have to. I'm thinking about Laura Mercier since it's getting a lot of votes on the board.
  11. I'm going to chime in - I was using Lancome's Aqua Fusion (which I've been told is discontinued), and just switched to NM's Amore Pacific - and the stuff is fantastic! Today is the first time I've used it, and immediately noticed a difference. It went on much smoother than the Lancome product, and my skin feels so smooth and hydrated today.

    I use the moisturizer with a small dusting of loose powder to set.
  12. I use a powder to 'set' it, not for extra coverage. But leaving moisturizer as a top coat seems unfinished and shiny-prone to me.
    I use a light dusting of loose powder.

    BTW, coachwife6 and I use Chanel's product and love it!
  13. This is my routine:
    I wash with La Mer gel cleanser
    I use the Bobbi Brown Brightening wash (It is just a toner and I don't think it's needed but I just like the smell).
    Then I use the Chanel serum
    Then I put on Natura bisse eye cream
    then I put on the Chanel tinted moisturizer
    If I have time I put on BB corrector and concealer
    To finish it all off, I put a light dusting of La Mer powder.
    When I am pressed for time:
    Chanel tinted moisturizer
    And, always the La Mer powder. If I'm really pressed, Elizabeth Arden compact powder put on in the car with a swipe of chanel glossimer and my shades so no one can see my unmade eyes.
    I buy a lot of products based on smell: I love chanel's smell.

  14. I was talking to a friend last night and she told me she uses Chanel also. I was pretty shocked because I didn't think she ever wore makeup. I just thought she had great skin. She and I are going to the mall this weekend so she can help me find the best product product for my skin. She's rooting for hers so we'll see. I have sensitive skin and I'm a bit worried about trying a new product.
  15. I have relatively sensitive skin as well, I use Chanel's Sunlit :biggrin: