How To Use The Carryall???

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  1. My LV SA is holding the red carryall for me till tomorrow- wow, it's beautiful.
    my question is a practical one. if the airline only allows you to carry on 2 bags, for me that would be my roll-aboard, and the carryall. if i'm going on a business trip however, I need a briefcase and my laptop too. and a handbag for when i arrive at my destination...does it make sense to get the carryall then? seems like i will have one too many bags- and they don't make exceptions at the gate!
  2. post moved from WTS to LV :smile:
  3. What I would recommend is a larger laptop case that can also be a briefcase, and then shove your purse in the Carryall so you can take it with you. Only small to medium purses need apply for that position. LOL
  4. Could you put all that you need in the carryall or do you need? How big is the carryall you have reserved?
  5. I am not sure if a laptop would fit in the Carryall. Hmm, tricky. I suppose you might have to put your laptop in your rolling luggage and have another personal item (Carryall).

  6. she is holding the new red leather carryall for me- looks like the laptop would fit, as well as all toiletries, maybe a pair of shoes, and a small handbag. i use the babylone as my briefcase- i don't think it would fit in.
    i guess if i'm trying to o hard to find a use for it i should not get it...
  7. Good luck!