How To Use The Carryall???


Jan 2, 2006
My LV SA is holding the red carryall for me till tomorrow- wow, it's beautiful.
my question is a practical one. if the airline only allows you to carry on 2 bags, for me that would be my roll-aboard, and the carryall. if i'm going on a business trip however, I need a briefcase and my laptop too. and a handbag for when i arrive at my destination...does it make sense to get the carryall then? seems like i will have one too many bags- and they don't make exceptions at the gate!
i say that you would use it alot if you go on trips.
I heard the luco is very nice for lapp

Pic for website
What I would recommend is a larger laptop case that can also be a briefcase, and then shove your purse in the Carryall so you can take it with you. Only small to medium purses need apply for that position. LOL
I am not sure if a laptop would fit in the Carryall. Hmm, tricky. I suppose you might have to put your laptop in your rolling luggage and have another personal item (Carryall).

she is holding the new red leather carryall for me- looks like the laptop would fit, as well as all toiletries, maybe a pair of shoes, and a small handbag. i use the babylone as my briefcase- i don't think it would fit in.
i guess if i'm trying to o hard to find a use for it i should not get it...