How to use contouring makeup

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  2. thank you, laura. i've always wondered about this. very nice of you to share. now i gotta test it out :smile:
  3. Thank you!! These are great tips!! Learned most of these from a MAC makeup artist. They really do work!
  4. wow.. ok .. I gotta try this one.
  5. Man even with these easy how to tips I still can't do it without looking wierd. I need help ladies. =) Maybe I should try sephora for a makeover but they always load that make up on my face.
  6. Wow, I am going to try this!
  7. eyeshadow is a much deeper shade than blush so make sure you blend very well! and if you're unsure where to put it on your cheeks, just suck them in and place it in the hollow area...

  8. Thanks so much!
  9. no problem. good luck and have fun :heart:
  10. I use MAC strada to's a blush or I use bronzer. I don't use eye shadow...too hard to blend. Strada is's specifically for contouring. The brush makes a big difference, too. Use a contour brush....MAC makes a nice one. I actually prefer my Essence of Beauty contour brush from CVS. I think it was $5.00. Same as MAC and good quality.
  11. I'm going to try this, thanks! :flowers:
  12. hmm, I can't seem to find the products anywhere, can anyone help?
    I'm in Europe...
  13. THANKS for posting this!!