how to use a pochette accessories

  1. last year i received a pochette accessories, the regular one as a gift and since i dont have any other designer handbags or a speedy im not use how to use it. any suggestions on how to use it? i feel bad everytime i see it just laying there.
  2. Just use it! lol

    It's great just use it anytime you want!

    congrats on the purse btw...
  3. Put your cell phone, a small wallet, keys, or a iPod shuffle in it...and carry the bag on your arm. Take a deep breath and you're ready to go out with a chic bag!!! ;)
  4. 1) Use it as a stand alone bag to hold your essentials, 2)Use it with a Pochette Extender so that you can wear it over your shoulder, 3) Buy the long strap and wear it long or 4) Use it inside of a larger bag to hold your essentials. Use it and have fun!
  5. Fragrance ..
    You're not alone :shame:
    I have one I've never used too.
    Seems to small for what I need and I have other LV cosmetic bags for inside my purse.
    Mine just sits in my closet lonely...
  6. congrats on your bag. I would use it for makeup, or a camera bag.
  7. I find it a great bag for just tossing my cell phone, keys and agenda is and going.
  8. I think it's too small as an everyday bag and too big as an accessory bag. However, I've found it's perfect use (or at least for me lol)--> it's a great PENCIL CASE! :yes:
  9. I use mine as a small shoulder bag for when I run to the store or Starbucks.
  10. I'd use it as a going out bag, or maybe a theme park...etc. Perfect for those times when you're just taking the essentials.
  11. It makes a good
    ...Travel make-up and toiletry case
    ...Small purse for running errands, going out to lunch, and other small trips
    ...Clutch for going out in the evening
    ...Little purse to carry in your work tote for after hours

    Enjoy your pochette!
  12. I love throwing just essentials in it when I go out to the movies so I don't have to have a big purse on my lap. Or, you can just throw it in another bag to hold makeup, etc.

  13. ITA!!!:yahoo: It makes a wonderful clutch!!!:yes:
  14. I use mine when I don't want to carry a large bag which is not very often so my daughter uses them mostly. She carries them all the time as her handbag.
  15. Hi
    I know we have several great threads about this--just do a was during the fall? :yes: :yes:
    It's such a versatile piece. I use mine with a long strap..