Tech How to 'unlick' a cell phone (iphone) ?

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  1. I was thinking of buying an iphone and then selling it on Ebay (I've got a phone I like but I can get a killer deal on an iphone right now).

    Does anyone know how I go about 'unlocking' it so that I can sell it to anywhere in the world?

    THANKS =)
  2. After reading the post I was disappointed.... I thought "unlicking" the iPhone would be like getting re-virginized.
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. Most privately owned cell phone stores will unlock phones for you. My boyfriend got his iphone unlocked for $40.
  5. dang - that was a slipup. And I even put it in quotations so many people must have read this thread - I need to buy one before I can lick it - then I can unlick it I guess.
  6. I think someone posted on one of the apple threads that you can't get an iphone without first activating it, so I'm not sure if you would be able to sell it..unless you have another Rogers phone you can use after you activate.

    Unlocking is usually done by independent secondary stores for something like $30, but I'm not sure if regular stores have figured out how to do it yet for the iphone. I could be wrong though.
  7. Why not Google it? I've done it before with the Original iPhone, you need the iTunes as usual, and the other necessary stuff used to unlock it. Oh, and thankfully it didn't kill the iPhone for me, I've managed to successfully restore it to Factory settings, and it was still safe when I gave it to my older brother's fiancee. She managed to activate it at AT&T and it works perfectly fine. You just need to find the right sites for it. So research carefully.
  8. Hehe...
  9. if you tell the store owner you're going on vacation out of the country they'll unlock it for you for free. well at lease that's what happen to me. maybe i got lucky.
  10. IDK. I think only like hackers can do it. I bet charles would know.
  11. There are lots of websites out there with tutorials and places where you can send your iphone to be unlocked :smile:

    My cousin did this after buying his iphone in the US and bringing it back here to Germany ;)
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::rolleyes:
  13. What do you guys mean by "privately owned" cell phone stores? Or "independent" cell phone stores? You mean you can actually pay someone $40 to unlock the iPhone? Where does one find such stores? I'm really curious now.

    But I thought you couldn't buy the new 3G iPhone and walk out of the store without getting the service and all that done to your phone. Don't the Apple/AT&T people automatically set up your phone when you buy it?
  14. the new iphone just came out...there's already a way to unlock the iphone????
  15. I thought you were only able to unlock the first version, we did this. My boyfriend searched online and then unlocked ours. Additionally people are selling these guys on ebay.

    Not too sure about unlocking the 3G version right now.