How to... Ugg HELP

  1. heya.. Im definetly new to the designer bag game.. most of mine are trades from friends. im very excited today to have gained 3 great bags!!! YAY! Im wondering how to clean one tho.. i dont want to ruin it, as its gorgeous and sooo soft. Its a pink suede sheepskin ugg purse.. Its previous owner somehow had gotten a sticker stuck to it in its travels and although the sticker is gone, the residue where it was can still be seen and the bag itself can just use a good cleaning on the outside. What should i clean it with and how? ive looked online but can only find how to clean ugg boots. and ive gotten many different suggestions. i figured you ladies would definetly know! Can anyone help???
  2. we actually have a Forum for general handbag topics, I'll move this there for you now. . . .
  3. If you buy the official Ugg cleaner, it might help. They sell it at Shopbop and other places that sell Uggs.
  4. Shoe repair shops might also have the Ugg cleaner.