How to turn off eBay/PP Automatic Payment Method?

  1. I've read on this board that PayPal can legally go into your bank account and take money from you (e.g. for chargebacks) by 'piggybacking' off taking fees out of your account, if that makes sense. I think I also read from a poster that they can do this but only if you have Automatic Payment Method set up.

    So I write to eBay to cancel APM. They wrote me back this long-winded email which didn't really explain much (what a surprise) but from what I gather, they seem to be saying that the only way I can disable APM is if I cancle my seller account. (They say they will not use the APM if I settle my fees before the end of each month, but it's still there.)

    Is this correct? What are your experiences with it? After hearing all the horror stories about unreasonable chargebacks and eBay/PP siding with the buyer, I just want to make sure they have no means to steal my money.

    Thanks for your advice and for sharing your experience.
  2. I cancelled my Paypal agreement for eBay fees, but couldn't sell anything until I added a credit card. However, you do that in eBay, not Paypal.

    You mentioned Paypal taking out fees, but Paypal doesn't do that. Their fees are automatically deducted from the incoming payments. As long as you have a bank account listed they "legally" can go after you for any balance they are owed per their user agreement.

    Someone please feel free to correct if I am incorrect or misunderstood her question.
  3. Ebay forced my account to be operating on automatic payments from my card. I never asked for this and they denied having done it. When I complained ebay said how to remove it then lo' and behold a week later ebays policy changed so that EVERYONE must have automatic payments selected on their accounts otherwise they cant sell. You now have no choice at all!

    So on a 30 day sale this means you pay your listing fees then you end up paying again sor your sales fees, this means two transactions as per the old style of one transaction and also they take the money when they want, not when you want. This removes the ability for the ebay customer to control their own finances and decide when money is taken from their bank.

    Seeing as Ebay will not pay overdrawn fees from your bank which could total £35 per instance i do not feel it is fair for them to have an automatic grab on your account as this will only deal to personal financial hell.

    Due to this as a protest I am closing my long standing account of 400 transactions of several years and will cease to use Ebay to sell. I hope I am one of many who are protesting like this. If Ebay wont listen to its customers when it charges such HIGH FEES to be here in the first place then quite frankly the TIME TO GO was LONG OVERDUE.

    The sad bit is Ebay prevent you from leaving for 30 days so they say but infact im told its 60 days in reality, so my request to close the account is still being denied. Sheesh.
  4. Whoever told you that was misinformed. Paypal can not go into your bank account whenever they like. They can only do so if you have an automatic payment set up for something. (I have one set up to cover the monthy fee for my website hosting-I can easily cancel it myself at any time. If I don't have enough in my PP balance they take it from my attached checking account) Otherwise if you get a chargeback or something, they will take the money from your PP balance. If there isn't enough to cover it, your balance will become negative and they'll take any payments you receive until it's covered.
  5. Whenever you sell something, pay the eBay fees right then and there. Then they do not build up over the month.
  6. ^yes, think I would manage my account that way as well......
  7. Could someone explain where I can find that option and how I do that? It took me ages to even set up the automatic payments and finding it was such a pain.
  8. Go to the account tab. About halfway down you will see the option to make a one time payment. I do it after every sale or 2. I take it right out of Paypal and then I transfer all my money into my bank account.
  9. Oh, ok, I have seen that before but thought there was another way that let's you set up payments for every sale being taken off at the time of the sale automatically. Maybe I'll try that from now on, thanks!
  10. Trust me, Ebay put my account onto automatic payments without my knowledge and denied it. Next when I removed it a week later they said to everyone on ebay they had to be on automatical payments otherwise they couldnt sell anything. Thats the state of current play and because of this I refuse to be on automatic payments so Ebay can go jump in a lake. No more of my money for them.
  11. You wont be able to make a one time payment like this unless you have an automatic method of payment set up on your account. They wont et you sell anymore without this.