How to turn a grouchy day into an H-y day!

  1. I decided that I was just not in the mood for much of anything today and was irritable and needed a pick-me-up. I took a rare day off and went to the mall, where I had fun at the Apple store (my newest obsession), tried on a bunch of white shirts, picked up some makeup at MAC, and....checked out the NM scarf counter.

    Lo and behold, I finally found the Neiman Marcus 100th anniversary scarf! I thought it was totally sold out, but I apparently got the very last one in my store. :yahoo:

    I also found this gorgeous colorway of the Projets Carre scarf (and BTW if anyone sees the cashmere shawl in this pattern in blue, could you let me know? Searching for it, as it's already sold out here.)

    And...last but not least! The SA was so sweet, she actually hooked me up with...drumroll please....the scarf knotting cards! :yahoo: Can't wait to play with them!

    And now, I'm much happier about the world in general. If only I could find a good white shirt. :p
  2. Oooooh, I saw that one over the weekend but with dh in tow, it was a no-go...enjoy the lovely pieces
  3. Now that's a very satisfying way to pick yourself up - and it's calorie free!!!
    Gorgeous choices of scarves. Pics in action, please.
  4. Way to go!!! Congrats on your lovely purchases!
  5. Oh Cynthia, Congrats on your lovely pieces! I completely adore that NM anniversary scarf -- what a great find. And I can't tell you how much fun I have had with the scarf knotting cards, my fav. just because I am a loser is the little scarf bag, my friends and I played around w/ cards forever, lol! Enjoy your yummy new pieces!!
  6. lovely choices, Cynthia! nothing better than a little H-love to pick up your spirits!
  7. Happy to hear that your grouchy day turned into a lovely shopping spree day :flowers:
    Nice haul, love the scarves.
  8. awwww. CYN!!! I am so happy for you!!! What a lovely haul, and knotting cards to boot. Congratulations on the NM score, how lucky and how pretty!!!!

    I am glad you got a pick-me-up!!!:heart:
  9. Good for you Cynthia!! That is the perfect way to lift the spirits, some H shopping and a bonus, yay!
  10. sorry to hear you had a rough day but congrats on the pick me ups!
  11. OOOOH what a lovely loot, your scarves are so gorgeous and you got the cards!!! yeah!

    good luck for your perfect white shirt (I need one too)
  12. What a great day! Beautiful choices!
  13. Thanks so much, everyone!! I'm going to try and work out something with the scarf knotting cards, and if I'm successful I will post pics.

    In the meantime, had to share that my darling DH came home tonight with delish chocolates from one of my favorite places! :heart: He's a good egg. I think I'll keep him. Even if I can't have that chevre Birkin. LOL
  14. HI Cyn,

    Your Neimans scarf is GORGEOUS...
    As always, I love those colors jumping off of the black...
    GREAT find...Congratulations, and enjoy wearing it!!!

    Also LOVE the H scarf, and will keep my eagle eyes out for the cashmere in blue...

    AND, most importantly, I'm so glad that you got cheered up!!!!

  15. pretty scarves and what a sweet DH!:smile: