how to turn a bad day into an H day

  1. Hey everyone -- sorry to vent but I'm not having a great day. I'm going to Tokyo with DH tomorrow (he's going for work and I'm tagging along). But he's super stressed about something that just went down today at work and called this afternoon to tell me we might have to cancel our trip :crybaby: (Actually at first I was more like :cursing:) There's a chance we might just postpone one day and leave on Saturday, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

    So this afternoon I was out shlepping around the city running errands that need to be done in case we do end up going. I had to pick up some things that were being altered at Ralph Lauren so I walked past H on Madison Ave. As soon as I opened the door, I felt my bad day slip away. I just did a quick loop around and looked quickly...
  2. But, since I'm an Hermes virgin :blush:, I've decided I want to build a relationship with an SA at the new store on Broad St, because it's only 1 subway stop from where I live (plus DH walks by it every day on the way to work :graucho:) so once I was done with my errands, I hopped on the 4/5/6 to Wall Street...
  3. Oooo this looks like the start of an unveilling. *popcorn mode*
  4. Actually I'm eating popcorn at the moment :smile: Smoked cheddar popcorn -- yum!
  5. I'm ready Abby.....
  6. So I'm a little nervous about my first strip tease. I know everyone says this but I've never done this before :shrugs:
  7. Oh Abby, don't keep us in suspense, its just too cruel!
  8. Just have a quick drink and get on with it :graucho:
  9. Just take it slow and easy...but not too slow
  10. We'll start small. Seriously, I'm nervous right now :sweatdrop:
  11. :tup: great start...
  12. Never go wrong with an orange bag...sorta like the gloves
  13. :popcorn:
  14. And we're off......

    you're doin' great Abs.
  15. Thanks, CB. Here's a little more. Samples of the new Kelly Caleche perfume. I'm not a huge fragrance person (I have a lot of hair so usually my shampoo determines my scent :p) but I tried this on once I got home and I kind of like it. The little package the sample in says something funny...lemme get it...