How to tuck jeans into boots?

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  1. Is there an easier way to tuck jeans into boots then just cramming them in there? Some method I do not know about?
  2. Great question...I'd like to know too.
  3. I tuck them neatly into my socks. I pull all the excess material from my jeans from the right of my ankle over the top to the left, then pull on a pair of socks. Works every time.
  4. i do the socks thing as listed in the previous post.

    i have a friend who uses rubber bands and it works wonders for her!
  5. me, too. and i get my boyfriends socks b/c they seem to have more room for the tucking (and don't ruin mine)
  6. Does this only work on skinnier fit jeans? I have many Sevens that are fitted through the thigh but flair out at the bottom. I have tried these methods but the denim always seems to bunch at the knee right above where the boot hits. How do I prevent that?
  7. I use equestrian clips! i got them from
  8. i tuck mine into knee high socks! works wonders
  9. I cuff them at the calf so they fill out the top of the boot more and hold in place.
  10. I do the same then put on knee high stockings. Keeps the jeans tight & neat.
    Or just to make things easier...skinny jeans.:p
  11. For bootcut jeans I cuff, fold to the side, then tuck into socks! My roommate laughs every time she sees me do it but I hate having all those jean wrinkles/bumps over boots when they're just crammed in
  12. I wear skinnies if tucking into just works better.
  13. I don't wear any kind of cut except for skinny when I tuck my jeans into boots. Otherwise it gets messy. Oh, and I'm lazy. :yes:
  14. Sorry to dig up and old thread, but for those who won't wear skinnies I found Boot Bands work well. They are better because there are no clips that can rub. They are straps that wrap around the ankle and hold jean in place so they don't bunch up when you put your boot on.
  15. ^ good idea!...but i wouldn't pay $10+ for what is basically a ribbon with velcro. You can just do the same thing with just a velcro strip you'd buy at the craft/hardware store.