How to treat pomme vernis.

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  1. I am getting a pomme cles. How careful do I have to be with it.
    I just got rid of some vernis because I was too scared to get it dirty and scratched (but that was beige - so is the pomme more durable?)
    I wanted to use it as a keychain or is that too mean to do to it?
    Thanks pomme lovers!
  2. congrats on ur pomme cles! Vernis is really not that delicate as we thought, especially the darker colored ones. Cles is definitely a good way to be used as key holder, as long as your keys fit in it w/o too many stress when zipped, I don't see any reason not to use it :yes:
  3. I just bought one myself! Be careful if you use it inside a purse with black lining, especially leather linings, otherwise there could be some color transfer. Lighter colors shouldn't cause any problems. My 6 key holder doesn't fit my car key, so I will be using the cles for it.
  4. i'd also suggest be careful the surface u sit it down at, avoid printed material at all times such as news paper, magazine, no direct heat from a search for Vernis and you should see many helpful post that should solve your concern.:idea: