how to treat my new vachetta handles.

  1. I bought a beautiful mono alma on eBay. the seller had just had the bottom including the inside, completely replaced at lv. the problem is, she treated the vachetta with some sort of leather conditioned so it is not the raw new vachetta. Well when I got the bag, I took it to LV and had the handles and tabs replaced too, so now it's like a new bag except the vachettas don't match although they're both brand new. When I asked the seller about the product , she told me it is common practice in Hong Kong to treat the vachetta and she bought a conditioner from France. This supposedly protects the bottom from water spots and oils etc. So, should I treat the brand new raw handles with something too so they match perfectly or just leave them alone and let the handles turn naturally and run the risk that they will get stains from oils and water? thanks