How to treat my Miu Miu bag? Please help

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  1. Hi. I just bought a gorgeous dark green miu miu bag in the sale. I dont even know the name of it actually. Its a smooth leather and it looks like pleating on either side. Its like a rectangle with top handles that have little gold studs on them. It zippers shut and it also has a long shoulder strap. I want this to stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible. Should I treat it with a protective leather spray? Condition it? I have never had such a nice bag before and dont know what to do!? HELP!thanks!
  2. There's alot of guidelines online. It depends on what kind of leather it is too. I'm not sure about the protective spray, but I know it's recommended for suede to prevent water stains, etc. I've only heard of conditioning leather when it needs to be ie. cracked, lightened by the sun, after a spot cleaning, lost its luster, etc. As far as maintaining the bag, I would keep it away from direct sunlight for long periods of time, and try to shield it from the rain. Also wipe off liquid spills right away.
  3. I recommend that you bring it to a professional bag cleaner to get advice. If it's untreated leather, keep it away from rain and water, because untreated leather stains easily, even with water.