How to treat light color bags?

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  1. I read this in another thread. I think it was Cooper1 who pre-treats her lighter color bags so the denim color from her jeans doesn't smear onto the bag. What do you use? I ordered a Ivory quilted MP from the shoptwigs sale. I plan on using it as my winter white going into early spring bag and now I'm worried about my darker color winter clothing/denim bleeding onto the bag. :tdown:
  2. There are lots of threads on this topic....I know a lot of the girls swear by AppleGuard conditioner and spray. I personally have yet to try them made a great point about the denim color and white bags. I would die if my Chiffon Blake got stained! :crybaby:
  3. momo, you got another bag?? you're def an mj addict now! lol who am i fooling, so am i.
  4. I am sorry I didn't give the info. I flaked out, I guess...:rolleyes:
    I use AppleGuard rain and water repellent spray and it works very well. They also carry a cleaner and conditioner as well.
    I get the products online at and it is very inexpensive.
    Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks girls! Cooper1 I'm going to get that protectant asap. I was going to use scotch guard but thought better of it, Just Kidding! Yep, Aggie, I got another bag, not the long list you've got going but a nice start. No kidding, it's very addicting. But I'm stopping until the after Christmas sales. At least that's what I'm trying to stick to.
  6. I have a MBMJ in chalk. I bought some leather protectant spray at my cobbler. I don't have the name but it's in a black spray can. I have been able to get most of my denim stains off with a little bit of leather conditioner. I haven't even had to use a leather cleaner yet. My cobbler was really good at letting me know which products not to use because they left a shine, stain, etc.