How to treat each bag fairly & transfer stuff safely?

  1. You all have amazing bags and I wonder how do you choose which bag to use? I use the latest purchase and rarely goes back to older ones - unless when I plan out an outfit.

    And how do you transfer all your stuff into another bag without losing things! I have lost many jewelry, keys and important paper/cards - not the most organised girl.
  2. LOL I don't know either! I *try* to use all my handbags fairly, but I really just choose whatever I see first in the closet, or what I feel like using that day. As for organizing though, I put most of my stuff in cosmetic cases and smaller organizing cases (like a business card holder for credit cards) so when I transfer to another handbag, I only have to switch a few things.
  3. usually, i wear my newest bags for days, then i'm back to some old ones...
    i transfer everything from one bag to another.
    most of my bags are bigs...
  4. I'm thinking of stuffing everything in a clear zipper bag, then just transfer it! Saves a lot of time. I'm often late because of thinking which bag I should use and taking all my crap out is a task - that's why I don't like bags with compartments - I lose track of where I keep my things. Today, I am using my YSL tote and I found my Mesh ring which I thought I have lost.
  5. I have a large brown leather Bally wallet which I combined with a small Longchamp brown pencil case which keeps my glasses, keys, lipgloss and pen. So all I have to transfer is my wallet, pencil case and phone and I'm all good!

    Only got this organised after many painful episodes of being locked out of my home or work because I left various keys in various bags!
  6. I am with the ones that said they use the newest bag. I don't have much to transfer as all I carry in my bags are: wallet, cles with keys, sunglasses, agenda/business card holder and make up case. Those five things are pretty easy to throw from one bag to another when I am ready to switch. I used to switch bags almost daily but lately (since reducing my collection) don't do it as often.
  7. I use an LV wapity. I put all my essentials in it, and transfer it from bag to bag.
  8. I don't have that much to transfer... wallet, cosmetic case, iPod, mobile phone, keys. As those are the things I carry w/ me all the time and really need, I could never forget one item...
    As for the bags... when I get a new one, I usually use it right away, then go back to an 'older one' depending on outfit and mood.
  9. Only got this organised after many painful episodes of being locked out of my home or work because I left various keys in various bags![/quote]

    Sound too familiar :roflmfao: ...Tonight mission: organise my stuff!!
  10. Exactly like me :flowers:
  11. I recently got a make up bag to where I keep all the small stuff such as lipgloss etc.

    I have to say switching purses used to be a nightmare until I did this, and I too would my leave my work keys in the old purse all the time! :rolleyes:
  12. I try to not carry so much with me, as I do not like carrying a heavy bag. So, when I change out, all my stuff gets emptied right on the bed: makeup case, sunglasses, wallet, keys, pen and cell, and then I go shopping in my closet to find the next replacement bag. It takes less than 3 or 4 minutes.......
  13. I set out my clothes for the next day the night before--which includes the bag (and wallet). That way I'm not rushing around trying to throw everything in in a few minutes.
    I also have a few pursekets that I switch in and out. If the bag is similar in size, I don't even have to do that.