How to treat Dry Leather?

  1. The straps on one of my bags is really really dry. . .:sad2: Do you ladies know the best way to go about this? Maybe I should put something on it? I dont have any special leather treatment around. Are there any secret household treatments I can use on it? I'm afraid it's going to start having that cracked look soon here. The leather's color is already starting to fade :cry:
  2. I can't think of anything that you can use around the house. But I know you can use either Appleguard or Shining Monkey. Sorry I'm not much help but I'm sure the ladies here have some answers. :shame:
  3. Why don't you try the coach conditioner.
  4. Mulberry do a really excellent leather conditioner
  5. Thanks ladies, guess I have no choice but to buy some conditioner. They sell them in the boutiques right? I want to get Appleguard (thanks for the link maxmara!) because in the Shining Monkey vs. Appleguard thread kathyrose said people use it when their straps start drying out.
  6. Yup, lots of people use Appleguard conditioner after using Magic Eraser on the LV handles cause it dries the handles out. I would say that's a safe bet. Some also said that you can get it at Burlington Coat factory (which may be chheaper too but am not sure).
  7. The Coach conditioner is around $8 at the coach outlets. That stuff is GREAT!
  8. I agree with minicoop. I also use coach conditioner to condition my leather bag.
  9. And agree with Addicted too!:biggrin:
  10. But I heard that Coach leather conditioner will only work on certain leather. They have a list of what kind of bag fabric the conditioner can be used for and what NOT to use on. I suggest only use Coach conditioner for Coach bags but not for other bags.
  11. You just reminded me that my vachetta bags from Coach specifically says NOT to treat it with ANYTHING.
  12. And the best way is to read the instruction before you use it. ;)
  13. just wondering; would it be a good idea to have a special category to share tips on the care and cleaning of bags? as well as on where to go to have something specially cleaned/restored/repaired; special products for cleaning or protecting items; and where to buy them?

    clumsy people (like me) would find it most helpful :smile: