How to transfer a car from other country to US?

  1. My friend just moved here from an asian country and would like to transfer his old car to the US. What does he need to do and how much it would cost? Would he be better off just getting a car here?
  2. It completely depends on the state he lives in whether or not he can even do it....if he is in California his car will need to pass smog inspections...and meet California Emissions Standards...which may be difficult to do.

    In addition, he will need to check with companies in his home country for shipping rates.

    ..I go to a private uni with many students from Asia. Most of them buy a car here and sell it before they leave!! Because the cost and hassle is too high.
  3. I was about to say this.:yes:
  4. :yes::yes:
  5. it must be cheaper to just buy a new car. when my parents go to stay with my mothers family in the states my dad even buys a new phone out there because its cheaper.