How to train a difficult DH/SO in Chloe Land

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  1. ^ oh he does need further training! i would be wary of being with a man like that if he doesn't warm up to the idea. i don't want to have to hide purses from my partner for the rest of my life, since i don't think i will be quitting this habit!

    good luck with the nearly-perfect man, girl! :heart:
  2. ^I know, i know...
    He needs to realise that his hobbies are way more expensive than mine and that he should mind his own business... I am not giving up this expensive hobby to please a man... I am mostly interested in enjoying myself....
    Men are truly a mistery... Mi ex-hubby is now very supportive of my bag addiction and knows Chloe styles, different brands, how rare some of the bags are... Amazing!
  3. ^ wow! was your ex-hubby like this in the past or did he become this way recently? that's awesome!

    if you did anything to train your ex, you should apply it to the new man and try to hasten the process. hehe!
  4. No, he wasnt... He would have let me buy a single bag if we hadnt split up... well, maybe a couple...
    All i did to enhance his interest in bags was dump him :P(after putting up with him for 18 excruciating months)... he is now trying very gard to please me and be friends with me, which we are, anyway...
  5. oooh! would you give him another chance? maybe he has realised what a good thing he gave up. :nuts: (then you don't have to train the other fella)
  6. No chances left... He left twice and i accepted him back, till i got fed up and asked him to leave one year ago.
    Never say no, but for the time being i am enjoying being single and being bankrupt!
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    ^ more power to you, gal! :heart: likewise, i prefer to be happily single than unhappily attached/married! :tup:

    if i don't find a DH/SO who can be trained, then i would rather not have one!
  8. ^Same here... but according to Mama Gena ALL men can be trained with some patience and good will...
    PS Do you ever sleep? I left you here in the morning (my morning) and here you are again in the evening (my evening) LOL
  9. ^ i think the training has to start early! right from the beginning when he's still keen and interested and trying to get to know us. :lol:

    teehee! yes i sleep but odd hours, because i'm a freelancer. i basically work till i'm tired and sleep till i'm not, regardless of what time it is! :nuts: it is now 2:45am in singapore!
  10. i am also a freelancer... but try to work for 4-5 hours in the morning and then tPF in the evening... tPFing prevents me from doing paid work and enhances my bag addiction, which has a detrimental combined effect on my bank account..
  11. ^ teehee! ok to keep from straying off the topic... i tend to work and tPF at the same time. i also msn with the boy-in-training and keep him posted of any purse thoughts on my mind! :lol:
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