How to track SAKS shipping information for phone order?

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  1. I ordered a GST by phone during the Saks EGC event, but I never got a shipping confirmation from my SA and she is out for vacation for a while when I called today. Is there any way that I can get my shipping information from Saks?
  2. Call the store shipping dept., give them your info, and ask for the tracking number, tell them you are scheduling your appointments around this delivery ( it always works for me:graucho:)
  3. i was told to call receivable department and ask for the tracking number.
  4. no, I always call shipping dept, and they always give me the fedex tracking information ( I did today too and got it)
  5. ^^I do that too, but usually I just call fedex a day after it's been shipped and they will tell me which day it is coming, but they won't give you the tracking number. In fact, in some stores, the shipping dept will not give you the tracking number because they are afraid that it will get rerouted.
  6. Could someone tell me the fedex no. used to track shipments? I just called Saks and they said they would look it up and call me back but I didn't get the sense the person I spoke with was too knowledgeable and he wouldn't transfer me to the shipping dept. saying there was just one person over there...etc . TIA!!!
  7. call fedex customer service and give them your address. i found out the delivery date of mine that way
  8. Ahh, thank you! I'm going to call them too. I am having a red timeless clutch delivered from the Saks EGC! Can't wait!
  9. Call 800-go-fed-ex and they will track by address
  10. cal fedex and do a reverse search using your address. they can't give you tracking but they can give you an arrival date.
  11. Thank you everyone!!! You all are so helpful!!!

    I called Fedex customer service, they told me it's comming on Monday. For someone who wonders same thing, just call Fedex and tell them the shipping address, and they can track it down.
  12. Thanks! I didnt know you could call fedex and do such a thing...mine's coming in on monday also!! yay!!!!
    Last time literally waited at my door for 10 days before the package came.
  13. Great tip. I am also waiting for a bag from Saks. I am going to call FedEx tomorrow!!!
  14. Actually, I called the store where my SA placed the order. The shipping department at Saks then gave me the tracking number for FedEx.

    The only sad thing is that I then found out that my order was charged standard shipping instead of 2day shipping like i asked.

    Now, I'm just anxiously waiting because I can't do nothing about it. :crybaby: