How to track a shipment from Hong Kong?

  1. Hi ladies, I thought the best place for my questions would be here since a lot of you have bought LVs from sellers in HK. I am waiting for a Trouville and the seller sent it 'registered mail' which I think is through the postal service. I have a tracking number that starts with 2 letters and ends with HK. I put that in the USPS website and it says there is no record of it! The package was sent on Dec 29. Is the USPS website the right place to track the shipment? Thanks!
  2. There could be a possibility that the tracking number hasn't been processed on the US end. I did this when I was tracking a package from Japan (it didn't work on the USPS site but it worked on the Japanese Postal Site). HK is a hit and miss for me (sometimes it works automatically, surprisingly...even though it's still in HK, sometimes not).

    Is this EMS (express mail shipment)?
  3. Yeah I had already tried the HK Post website and the tracking # didn't pull up anything, so I tried the USPS. I think it's because it hasn't been entered into the USPS system. The post office was closed yesterday so I guess I am going to have to wait for a couple more days.

    Thanks ladies.
  4. Registered mail, sometimes it doesn't even show up.