how to touch up brass hardware on LV ... ?

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  1. dear all,

    I have some older pieces that have the brass hardware (zipper pulls for eg) chipped/scratched etc - any suggestions on how touch up with paint or otherwise ? The other option is to send it in for repair, but where I'm at, but I don't want to waste the time and the money.

    Any ideas or experiences ?
  2. I have used 'Brasso' on my older Louis Vuitton items.

    They come up a treat! The brass is nice and shiny!
  3. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but I don't mean 'tarnished' brass. I mean scratching/chipping of the brass coating on LV hardware.
  4. alot of what looks to be chipping and scratches will come off with the Brasso product ive used it on a few bags of mine. its only a couple buck you ought to give it a try first.
  5. ita. Otherwise, I think once it starts chipping, the only way to fix it is to have it replaced. Call your SA and ask. Sometimes they have great knowledge on this kind of stuff.
  6. You'll have to replace it. How old is this said item?
  7. I would recommend having the hardware replaced by LV but for a temporary solution, how about coating the nicks with nail polish that's the same colour as the hardware then coat it with clear nail lacquer afterwards? I think it would be a good "temporary" solution :smile:
  8. Please do a search in the FAQs section for existing threads. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.