How to tone my abs?

  1. Just youtube'd "planking" and will def have to give this a try! I like how it doesn't seem like it will strain your neck like crunchs do. Thanks for posting!
  2. that loose skin is going no where!
    I lost about 30 pounds that baby bell was gone like so flat but the skin is there to stay. Only way to tighten that up is a tummy tuck..
    with working out (lots of cardio), and cutting starchy foods, LOTS of water.. you will keep control of so called fat in that area but also keep in mind that mine be a problem area for you... so you may have to work harder...

    so even though you are maintaining weight(getting toned) that skin isnt going to go back to the way it was before kids.. if its loose skin...

    :sad: I hate that part of losing weight. You feel good about how you look but you have to deal with that :sad: at least for me.
  3. I just dug out my old abslide and started doing 50 reps in the morning when I get out of bed, as part of a 2 minute yoga warmup. It's an easy fast way to build up strength in abs and shoulders, which makes other exercises easier (including planks). It makes you want to do more exercise.

    There are some short workouts on cable On Demand. I tried a couple of the yoga shows and they were intensive enough for a 15-20 minute workout when you have limited time. The Pilates was a little boring but it's probably the way to go.

    For cardio, I run with the dog. (He needs it or he'll go crazy.) I think I need to add turbokick.
  4. How depressing! I was hoping I could tone the skin somehow. I guess I'll have to learn to live with it. :shucks:
  5. one word: insanity
  6. :confused1: Just curious, what's insane?
  7. I woke up one day and found I have middle age spread. I look like I'm 5 months pregnant. :faint:

    is cardio the only way? Because it burns fat throughout the body and usually I lose fat at the (already small) boob area first. Beginnign to look more and more pear-shape if I carry on.
  8. LOL -- I can relate! I recently lost 10 pounds but before that, I looked like I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I've lost some fat, but nothing I've done so far has helped with the gross flap of skin on my abdomen.
  9. 70% diet, 30% exercise. You can do all the exercises you want, but if you are still eating poorly, it isn't going to help!
  10. You can't spot-reduce, so there's no point in doing sit-ups. Your best bet would be to do lots of cardio and full-body weight training. The most important factor however, is your diet. Cut down on your sugar intake, and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  11. This - ABs has a lot to do with diet. You can have a super strong core from exercising but only diet will make that layer of fat go away.
  12. Doing sit ups on a plastic ball is excellent work out for abs :smile: Never tried better and I train a lot!
  13. Crunches are a good way to tone your abs, particularly when coupled with diet and aerobic fitness exercise. Add these crunches to your exercise for flat, lean, rippling abs.