how to tie a scarf??

  1. hi guys this is my first thread! =) i was wondering..does anyone know the right way to tie a scarf on a purse? i just bought a new pucci handkerchief square and wanna tie it on a big coach tote but am not sure how..any help would be appreciated!
  2. lol I know how you feel, I would be interested on any feedback as well.
  3. I think Sweetea gave Cristina some help in another thread awhile back. I'll try to find it.
  4. I fold it lengthwise a couple of times so it's not too wide, then take a hold of each side and loop around the handle, criss-crossing them, and bring one end up through the loop to form a knot. It looks cleaner than haphazardly tying it. My avatar shows a pic of Chloe Edith in her scarf. It is a square scarf that I had to fold at least 3x to reduce the width.

    I just bought an oblong Pucci scarf from Nordstrom which is en-route. I read in Life & Style magazine that an oblong scarf works well on handbags. I'm hoping it doesn't look as engulfing as the one Edith is wearing. (But it will hang longer, below the bottom of the bag which I'm not sure I'll like...)
  5. if you go to the LV scarf, then click on one of the scarf there's a link with 3 or 4 mini tutorials on various ways of tying scarves.....

    the hermes site also has a link to a PDF version of its playbook, which has like 30 different methods of tying scarves

    they're both great resources for me :P