How to tie a scarf into a BAG holder

  1. Ahem.... I wouldn't say it's exactly PERFECT in rainy weather as rain damages silk......
  2. Hi candycouture!
  3. What a crazy idea...I just bring along a lightweight brolly...and for the other H bags, there's the raincoat packs no?
  4. Hi, Rose!

    Funny thing is this was from a French news segment!
  5. I suppose if you happened to have forgotten to have brought your umbrella;
    you just happened to be wearing a large scarf;
    you did not mind ruining that silk scarf;
    or looking more foolish than using your kelly/birkin plastic bag (if using one of those type bags);
    and you bag would take a few drops (as silk is not impervious to rain).

    Improbable at best. But fun to look at -- thanks CandyCouture.
  6. ok. compromise. instead of hermes scarves, i'll be more at ease when using liz claiborne scarves. :roflmfao:
  7. Ha - you're right CC.
  8. What happens if you get cought in the rain!