how to tell what year a twiggy is from?

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  1. I have a black twiggy and I think it's from f/w 05 but I don't have the paper tag so I'm not completely sure. Is there any way to tell from the leather tag what year it's from?
  2. ^ The tag has some changes, but the number of handle cord wraps have changed over time as have the shape of the rivets as are the studs themselves have slightly different shapes throughout the years. The front detail "smile" leather piece has slightly changed shape too.

    Please post a few pictures: 1) one of the handles so I can count the cord stitching and it will also show the rivets that hold the studs on. 2) the front detail piece which will also show the studs. 3) interior tag...I'll look for changes there too.
  3. Thanks RDC! Here are the pics you asked for:



  4. well, i'm not RDC, but my guess is this bag is from f/w 05 - it has the rivets, so it's not from pre spring or s/s 05 (altho Bal was pretty hit and miss with the rivets in s/s 05). your leather looks like an 05 bag.

    hopefully corey will be along here and verify for you - the leather looks TDF regardless of the year - congrats and enjoy your twiggy :yes:
  5. Thanks for your help, Nicole! I'm pretty sure it's from fw 05, it definitely feels like 05 leather. Not knowing what year it's from has really bothered me, although I guess it shouldn't really matter that much. I wish that twiggies had metal tags like the first and city, it would make things so much easier.
  6. ^ ITA, w/ Nicole and your feelings about it Erica! The studs are shaped like 2005, wider at the top, so it's most likely F/W '05 ;o)

    It's stunning! :party:
  7. Yay! I'm glad I finally know. Thank you RDC, I really appreciate your help :flowers:
  8. wow this is fascinating I didn't know they made these little changes year to year too!
  9. Also, all the Twiggy's prior to 05 had 20, rather than the current 16, lacings on the handles making them longer! Also the way the tassels are tied often can indicate the year, and how long the tassel on the inner pocket is!

    Pretty, pretty Twiggy! Enjoy her!

    I wish you well,

  10. ^^ wowza, that's such a cool fact!!! :tup:

    p.s. congrats on your pretty new twiggy erica :heart: