How to tell the front from the back of the strap

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  1. As I said, I am SO new to COACH, and just got my 1st bag today ... it's a Brown Sig. Metallic Carly therefore has the clip thing going on on the shoulder strap. Is there a front and back to the strap? Does the clip go to the front or back? I'm sorry, it seems like it should be so obvious, but what do I know. Surely don't want to look like a fool carrying this Royal Beauty!:confused1:

    Is the Metallic Carly *really* that hard to find??? After reading some of the posts, did I score on this bag? I have loaded her up and she DOES indeed feel great on my shoulder. I can't WAIT to go out w/ her tomorrow and show her off!
  2. I don't think it really matters.
    I wear mine with the clip behind, just because the bag naturally happens to slouch comfortably that way.
  3. Is there a seam in the material on one side?
    My chocolate siggy one has a seam right in the middle on one side...but it is the original material, not the sateen like yours...but anyways I like to carry mine with the seam on the inside, regardless of where the clip is.

    Either way, enjoy your new bag! I love that feeling when you get to "bring her out" for the first time!:yahoo:
  4. I'd carry it on whichever shoulder is more comfortable! For me, my bags always go on the right shoulder!
  5. I carried my 06 shoulder bag with the clip to the back bkz the pockets on the outside, as well as my felicia bag bkz when closed the zipper opening was to the front. However, when I purchased my plum Carly the S/A made mention of carrying her with the clip in the front. I guess it depends on how the bag is made and your own personal preference.