How to tell the "age" of a Chanel

  1. I know that Chanel is timeless, but I see a lot of bags on eBay and I am curious to know how to figure out how old a bag is.

    Like, I know a lot of the vintage bags have burgundy lining, but what about bags from 5 years ago. Do serial numbers tell you anything about when the bag was made? I know LV you can tell by the date stamp and Balenciaga by the date letter....
  2. There should be a thread about it in the reference library somewhere. Try a search, or maybe someone else can help you find it..
    You should be able to tell the year for most bags I believe (unless they get too old I think, then you can guess...)
    Good luck!

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  3. Look under "Authenticity Tips" thread and one of the first posts is about the serial numbers and how they date your Chanel bag.

    The burgundy/maroon leather lining was used for lambskin bags primarily. I've not seen any caviar ones with it.
  4. Series number (season year) starting w/number:

    4 -1993-1994
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