how to tell if my ghd is fake or real?

  1. i bought it from but i just wanna be sure. i registered it online on the ghd site but it never told me if it was real or fake. Also i see posts that say something about a green light appearing...mine didint do that. im also dissapointed because i read so many good reviews meanwhile this thing didnt work as good as my damaging CHI. what are ways to make sure its real?
  2. Sephora is an authorized seller of ghd. You don't have anything to worry about.
  3. this is a list of ways to find out from an eBay seller, hope it helps

    1. Real GHD stylers have plugs with reset buttons, like you would find on a hairdryer.
    2. Real GHD stylers have one hole on the cord where it meets the body of the iron.
    * One of the fakes I bought had three holes and one didn't have any... so make sure to look!
    3. Real GHD stylers (applies to Hot Pink only) have a solid pink cord, the cord does NOT have a black ring where it meets the back of the styler.
    4. When I contacted GHD of North America, I was told that North American GHD's do NOT have hollograms at all! (Does not apply to the Pure or Dark GHD's since they are not available in the US yet).
    5. Real GHD stylers are made in KOREA! Not China!
    6. Real GHD stylers will NOT have a hook on the cord to hang up your styler.
    7. Real GHD stylers have domed screws, not flat headed screws.
    8. The GHD styler DVD should have a number code and barcode on the back (compare it to the back of a DVD movie you own, they should look the same on the back). The fake GHD DVD's say DVD R really small on the back of the DVD towards the center, sometimes it is very hard to spot.
    9. The booklets that come with the GHD styler should have colored pictures. Some fake GHD stylers have black and white pictures.
    10. FOR THE HOT PINK GHD STYLER: The female snap on the bag should have little stars, the fake ones DO NOT. The fake ones have a Chinese company name.
    11. If you open up your styler (if all else fails!), a real GHD styler will have two microchips, one on each side by each flat iron plate. The fake ones only have one (if it even works!).
    12. Real GHD stylers have very strong, thick boxes. Fake GHD stylers boxes often come beat up and are slightly smaller.
    13. Fake GHD stylers often come with black scuffs on the body of the styler. They are not taken care of very well like a genuine GHD styler.
    14. Real GHD stylers come with two booklets, some fake stylers only have one.
    15. CHECK THE BOX AND TAGS! One of the fake GHD stylers that I received had misspellings on the tag! Apparently they don't use spell check.
    16. Real GHD stylers have a date code on the inside of the body of the styler. It should have the year, month, then day.
    17. LOOK AT THE BOX: One of the fake GHD stylers that I received (a hot pink one) had two different shades of hot pink on the top of the box.
    18. HOT PINK GHD STYLERS should come with a card inside of the wrap and roll bag that says "Thou shalt surrender to pink". A fake GHD won't come with that.
    19. Fake GHD stylers often come with the seal loose on the inside of the box. A real GHD should be sealed from the outside. (Does not apply to Dark or Pure since they have not been released in the US yet).
    20. For the black GHD stylers, the box should be matte, not shiny.
    21. Hot pink GHD's should have black writing, not white writing.
    22. Real GHD's sensor lights are clear but will flash red when ready to use and make a funny beep. Fake GHD's sometimes do not flash red or are solid red, not clear.
  4. Sephora actually charges more than the actual GHD website...
  5. ^ Are you sure?! It says it's $255.. which is the same at Sephora. I purchased mine from Sephora mainly because of their return policy.
  6. I just bought the ghd hot pink flat irn with the case from about 6 months ago...mine has a black cord not a pink one, and it didnt come with anything that said"Thou shalt surrender to pink"....???
  7. There are two different versions of the pink styler. I have the same one that you do. There is a pink styler and the pink IV styler - they look different. The recent one you and I have is the pink IV styler.

    Also, the UK version and the US version have slightly different details.
  8. that list of eBay beware ghd is north american ghd DOES have a hollogram..
  9. If it is from Sephora, it will be authentic. :yes:
  10. Can anyone tell me if the GHD's sold on are real?
    Is this an authorised site?
    Thanks :smile:
  11. I'm not sure, but I would be weary.. I hear GHD products rarely go on sale.
  12. Ok ladies...I need some help! I am still nervous about things since the whole "bought a used flat iron from Sephora". I just want to make sure that someone did not do a switch a roo! I bought the Urban Angel set that has the GHD IV styler, and my new set looks to be new. However, I was thrown for a loop when I read in the book that there should be a hollogram on both the iron and the warning tag on the power cord. Mine has the hollogram on the iron, but not on the tag thats on the power cord. Can someone also please tell me what the picture on the hollogram should be? I know that Sephora is an auth seller of GHD, but seeing as how careless Sephora was with the first iron I bought I don't think they would have known if someone put the real thing back in the box or not.