how to tell if it was a sale bag?

  1. i purchased a kelly from hermes 2 weeks ago, iwas inspecting the bag closer today when i noticed an s after the number. so, i called hermes stat and they informed me that no, it was not a sale bag. well, for my piece of mind i want to ask your opinions. it looks like this first the k on a square, then the number(89) there was a period then s, the s is the same size as the k on a square. any thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. A sale bag would have a circle around it so to me it seems it is part of the signature of the maker.
  3. I agree. ^^^

    I think it is just the craftsman mark. The S marks are quite different in size from the craftsman markings.
  4. If the size of the "S" is the same size as the "K" stamp, or about the same size, it's most likely part of the craftsman's mark. The sale "S" is quite horribly big.
  5. I agree its part of the craftsman stamp. The s is really ugly it looks like a s but within a circular orb. You really can't miss that ugly thing.
  6. thanks so much ladies, now i can sleep better.