How to tell if baby moving...19 weeks

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  1. Just curious...i keep reading that the baby's first movements in utero are like flutters of a butterfly or a fish...which quite honestly freak me out just by the thought of the comparison to a fish in your belly. Can anyone please give some other comparison so thst i can know if this the baby i am feeling? Its like either gas or frequent muscle jumps in my lower abs.

  2. I guess they use those terms to best describe it. But don't be freaked out, its the most amazing feeling in the world!

    The first movements do usually feel like gas or muscle spasms though, so I'm guessing you are right on target for baby movement! :biggrin: Congrats!!
  3. It feels like muscle spasms or bubble guts lol! I didn't feel my first movements until like 20+ weeks
  4. Oh ok. I started feeling them last week off and on but started feeling them steady since sunday...thanks
  5. How are you vee?
  6. Disregard that...i saw your response on the other thread. Happy you are doing ok
  7. That sounds like your baby moving! My baby felt like gas bubbles for the first few weeks. It started at week 18 and by week 21 DH could feel it.
  8. Thanks Stu...So happy to hear you are feeling movements. Its such an exciting time
  9. It felt like gas bubbles and flutters to me too. Mine started about 14 weeks, but DH couldn't feel it until around 20. By about 21 weeks, I could see him kicking now and then, which still cracks me up. Until about 26 weeks, I felt him only at night when I'd lie flat on my back, then I gradually started feeling him after I'd eat and early in the morning too. Now (32 weeks) I get actual jabs sometimes, and other times, it feels like he's in there using a paint roller or literally throwing himself down (like when the dog sighs and plops down). I used to hardly feel him at all during the day (I read somewhere that me being in motion rocks him to sleep), but his movements are pretty constant right now. Then I think movements start to slow down again toward the end because they're running out of room in there!
  10. Spoon your SO with your tummy up against his back when the baby is active. His back is more sensitive and bigger than his hand, he can feel it better that way. SO exciting!
  11. Mine felt like someone very lightly tapping on the inside of my tum with their fingers - about 15 weeks for me but some are a lot later.
  12. I miss that feeling. I remember it well and my "baby" is almost 7!
  13. i felt v slight movements when i was about 19 weeks too... to help you can try having a sweet or fizzy drink first, before lying on ur back then feel for any slight movements!

    My daughter reacts to such drinks ... her movements will be bigger. initially its v slight, like just a consistent tapping or a pulse kinda sensation... soon it will become more obvious!

    Sometimes I feel like Im experiencing VIKING ( the amusement ride thingy)!!!
  14. mine just feels like gurgling even now.. in the beggining it was weird flutters or like gas or bubbles.. but now i know its him moving.. its a weird feeling.. its amazing cuz your reminded theres something in there growing.. but also its just a strange feeling it doenst hurt or anything ( well at least not yet) but no one esle can feel him for some reason..
  15. With my first pregnancy I was 4 months I finally started feeling movements...this time, I was only 12 weeks! But it was just lil' flutters here and there at least once or twice every couple of days! I had to google baby movements just to make sure I wasn't going crazy!!!