How to tell if a Reissue is a 226 or 227?


Jan 20, 2015
Hi tpfers!

Happy 2017! :smile:

I've been thinking about buying a pre-owned Reissue 226 (aged calf, either ghw or shw) lately for my collection, and I'm just curious, is there a reliable way to verify the size of a Reissue by the number of squares and/or stitches per square, etc. without knowing the actual dimensions of the bag?

Recently I almost pulled the trigger on a Reissue labeled "226", but the measurements were actually for a 227, so now I'm scared of purchasing the wrong size just based on the measurements and name the seller gives. I find it quite easy to verify size with the Classic flaps based on the number of squares/stitches etc., so was wondering if there was a way to do this with the Reissues as well? Especially between the 226 and 227. TIA for all your help!