How to tell if a bag is hand stitched or machine stiched?

  1. I was watching 20/20 this past weekend and there was a story on fake handbags. There were two "handbag experts" on and the one looked at one the fakes and said well you can tell this is machined stiched...I was just wondering how can you tell if a bag is hand stiched or machine stiched?? Any pictures would help -- I'm a visual learner:graucho:
  2. That is interesting. I wonder if they mean hand stitched as in needle and thread or by a small sewing machine run by a person- rather than a gigantic automated machine. KWIM?
  3. Looking at my LV wallet (which I got from Elux, so it's definitely the real deal), I would guess that it's machine stitched. I think it's misleading to say that all real bags are hand stitched and all fakes are machine stitched. A lot of the designer bags we buy have to have at least some machine stitching done on them. There's no way everything is hand done. The design houses would never be able to keep up to customer demand.