How to tell friends politely not to buy Made in China toys?

  1. I am going to have 1st mth celebration for my girl when she pop. Where relatives and friends will all come and cooed :lol: at the new baby. The only problem is that most will come bearing gifts like toys. My peeve is most of the toys are Made in China nowadays! How to tell the guests in advance not to buy toys? Especially those made in china :shame:
  2. She's only 1 month old- would they bring toys so soon? And if they do, can't you return them? If it comes to it, keep track of who gives what and ask for receipts later.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't say anything.... Just return the ones that are not up to your standards later.....
  4. Sadly the place where I stay doesn't do returns. :crybaby:I stay in Singapore. So I am still like cracking my head up, hoping to find a solution to it. Without sounding rude. It is tough.
  5. Can you create a gift registry and send links to it? Or have close friends and family spread the word to the other guests about gifts?
  6. A 1 month old child does not need plastic toys...

    Say that if they insist on brining toys, let them know you prefer either toys made out of wood or cloth.

    I don't think that these findings will stay "within China"...I think that more toys will be found containing harmful things that weren't made in China
  7. I once read a similar complaint (on an environmental site) by a mom who didn't want her daughter's friends and family to bring her lots of toys for a birthday party because it seemed wasteful (her daughter already had nice playthings). It wasn't the point of manufacturing in this case, just the volume of toys and trash. She came up with a very clever plan I thought - she bought her daughter 1 or 2 really nice things for her birthday, and then asked all of the attendants of the party to bring a perennial flower instead of a toy that they could plant in a garden designed just for her little girl. You might try something like that, for instance, you could gently tell your guests that you have plenty of new baby items, and request instead that they donate a few dollars to a tree to be planted in your daughter's honor. If you're not really the gardening type (or don't have the space), you could request duplicates of another specific thing (blankets, etc), maybe individual pieces of a china teaset for your daughter when she gets older, a personalized scrapbook page to be assembled into an album for your daughter, etc. You could even request that each guest buy their favorite book for your daughter (and write a short inscription/rationale in the inside cover) so that you've built up a mini-library for her when she gets older.
  8. ^ loving the book idea!
  9. It's a Chinese tradition, I think? And for the 1 month celebration the babies are dressed in these cute traditional costumes and everyone gives them gifts.

    It's hard to say books because not everyone will 'get it'. Asian societies are rather traditional and most of the time you just take a gift that the invitee gives you and make no conditions upon it.

    If I were you, I'd be really honest about the reason I don't want toys made in China. You could maybe let some people (relatives and friends) see the news reports about all the toy recalls and other incidents and say you don't want toys made in China for that reason.
  10. Madmadtoo, if you live in Singapore, you don't have to worry. Most people will give you money/voucher gifts, not toys.
  11. Hmm.. I am starting to spread the word around. Like I am concerned about those made in china toys blah blah blah! hopefully they will all get it :yes: and be more selective. I will keep U guys posted :idea:
  12. There is no polite way to dictate what gifts your friends are kind enough to bring you. Period. Throw out any toys you are too afraid to let your children near or donate them (since odds are they will be perfectly fine).
  13. Wait..what's the deal with toys made in China?
  14. ^^^Big recall (3 now) for Mattell toys due to high levels of lead.

    I would say nothing to anyone, unless of course, you're good friends and you can just say upfront what yiou're thinking.

    Otherwise, I'd graciously accept each and every gift and then you can sort through and decide what to keep or give away.