how to tell fake edith from the real thing?? need help!

  1. Hi guys...I was just wondering if there is any way to tell a fake edith from the real thing? Besides the quality of the leather, are there any distinguishing details? I am looking at some Ediths on ebay but I'm quite scared to bid as I am not an expert on Ediths yet ( but I really love them!) and I was hoping that someone could help me out?? Thanks guys!
  2. If there is a particular one you're looking at, I would post it in the Authenticate This thread. The fakes have been getting really good lately, usually where they go wrong is with the texture of the leather, the color of the leather, the stitching details. Unlike a lot of other bags, there's no cookie cutter method, so the thread above is your best bet.

    One rule for certain, if it's in any color than the following: whiskey, chocolate, chamois, turquoise, grey - it's a fake. Atleast until the winter season comes.

    If it has plastic on the handles, it's fake.

    Good luck, sweets!
  3. Sometimes the handles are too long on fakes, and you should get pics of the inside of the bag... lining and inner zipper pocket should be examined closely. There are a few auctions up from well-known legit sellers for more than retail, but I agree there are quite a few fakes. If you are looking for a deal, you won't get one on an authentic one. Some people may lure you with a better price saying it's 'gently used'... If you want to be absolutely safe, they can still be found retail with some diligence...:flowers:
  4. Hi guys...i am not yet zeroing in on one in particular but I am kind of looking at my choices for now...I love the chocolate edith though! A quick question - is the inside lining of Edith canvas or leather? I have seen pictures and it looks like canvas but I am not sure - can you help me here? Sorry to be such an amateur but I am slowly learning! This thread has taught me lots!
  5. No problem! The lining should be canvas, although in chocolate it is a dark canvas. The top 3 inches of the interior is still leather. I only see maybe one chocolate right now that looks real.
  6. If you are looking for a deal, I suggest that you try because they have an "inspired" Edith that actually looks pretty close for a tenth of the price of the actual Edith. The color looks good. As for the real thing, I have the whiskey Edith and the inside is a khaki canvas (or something similar...twill maybe?) fabric, sort of a medium shade. The ones in pink, purple, and other crazy colors are not real. And the plastic on the handles that blugenie mentioned are a big red flag. LeShent and Roz7772002 are reputable sellers, and you can find some Ediths if you are diligent and you network here. Good luck! :smile:
  7. thanks so much for your great advice everyone! I was wondering about the pink and light blue ones. Some of the ones with plastic on the handle actually look good, but thanks blugenie and ETenebris for alerting me about them! I'll search around but still trying to decide about the color!!!