How to tell CZ from Diamonds

  1. I recently bought a pair of gorgeous Tiffany diamond studs to remember an extremely important event in my life.

    Now that I own diamond earrings I always try to figure out if people are wearing real diamond earrings or Cubic Zirconia. Any tips to identify real diamonds at a glance?
  2. if they're too big, they're usually CZ (or moissanite).

    FYI, if you turn a CZ upside down you'll be able to read newsprint through it -- with a diamond you can't. of course this doesn't work with stones attached to someone else's anatomy! but still good to know.
  3. I generally find that CZs are more "sparkly". Since 99% of diamonds out there aren't of this quality, I generally find that this trick helps me pick out the CZs.
  4. Diamonds have more depth look to it but CZ has the surface cut look.
  5. if they look: too big - perfect - super clear and sparkles very "rainbow-y".
  6. COOL TIP!!!
  7. Thats a great tip!x
  8. Yeah that's really interesting.

    What is cubic zirconium anyway?
  9. I find the best way is that if it looks too good to be true, it generally is! (at least where I am)
  10. All comments are so true, especially if they are too big etc.

    But, I swear if the person is extreemly wealthy and you know that, I guarantee that it is difficult to id a fake diamond.

    Because my dh has a jewellry store, people who know me, assume anything I wear is real. And I dont lie, but I love educating people too that often we are enjoying the idea of the diamond in our mind rather than seeing reality. I mean, I had friends getting really sick over glass.....and they would admit that they had been eyeing my bling the whole time or something.

    And alternatively, once I wore a 4 c. emerald diamond, it was pretty perfect and real......every one thought it was fake???? That I couldnt get over, and I was glad not to have bought it!

    My sister has real 4c. of diamond studs and they do look somewhat fake. And they were not bought with too much budget restriction either.

    So I am leaving the jury open on this topic. But I will say that a new cz or fake will look real only until it ages which is usually pretty fast due to it scratching and fogging up. Also setting is sometimes a giveaway!

    Just for the record, I think alot of what we admire in fashion is a bit of an illusion! And I understand that you cant possibly buy everything you could ever want, well most of us! And the fake stuff lets you road test the item to see if it really would be worth owning the real deal!!!

    And deep down I am simply a bling hungery, effected by shrinkage, greedy diamond addict!!!
  11. I bet 99% of us here fit that description!
  12. You cannot always tell at a glance because CZs are made very well nowadays, with similar faceting and setting to a diamond. They don't have inclusions, so the "perfection" of CZs are usually a clue, and they're usually larger than the average person can afford. Cheap CZs are easy to tell, but a good fake can fool a jeweler's eye.
  13. Oh...and viewing newsprint through the stone is a very accurate indicator, but the size (too small) of a stone and the setting it's in makes it difficult to try that newsprint test.Cubic zirconium is a man made synthetic diamond, although there is a gemstone called zircon, which is naturally occuring. Moissonite is it's own gemstone, and is not man made, but rather named after someone (I believe the person who discovered it).