How to tell colour from tags?

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  1. I was wondering how can you tell the colour of the bag from the tag? Not the silver or leather tag attached to the bag but from the white paper tag. Is there a number code corresponding to each colour? And if so, what are they for French Blue and Aquamarine? Thanks
  2. ^I looked at that already. It doesn't list all the information I'm asking about. I didn't mean just the season code but the specific colour.
  3. The way to work out the colour is to match up the letter on the metal plate and then to check the year and number on the white card.

    Then if you go to the colour swatches, you can match it up to the relevant colour listed in the correct year and season...

    Thats how I work out what colour a bag is if it hasnt been stated...

    Anyone else have an easier method... :confused1:
  4. ^^No, I think that's pretty much how you have to do it. The colours don't have individual numbers, only codes for the season it was produced in. If you're unsure what colour you've got, check the letter and the 200X X number on the paper tag and compare to the swatches on AT. Or post piccies and we'll try and guess. :biggrin:
  5. Yeah great idea English-girl basically its impossible to guess the colour as there are no codes as such!!! just as she said look at the year and letter on the card and try and guess. With similar colours this is a bit more difficult especially in the uk when i do mail order I have no idea when they say they have it in blue what blue they are talking about. If in doubt get a pic and we will always try to help!!!
  6. I think there is a colour code in the long string of numbers after the year, season, and style codes on the white card. My SA mentioned this when she was trying to figure out what they would be expecting for SS07.
  7. I think what initialed is can she differentiate colors WITHIN the season. Is there some way to look at the white card and tell if a bag is 07-aquamarine or 07-french blue?

    ROXANE: I agree...I think the last set of numbers on the white card is the color code. These are the numbers on the card from my Day: 2006 3 1404442 D941T 386
  8. Ahh, I see. Well, not that I've ever figured out, but its really never come up for me before - I usually just go on the visual comparison. But I appreciate that some of the colours do look a lot alike, especially of late, so its trickier.

    esiders, you've got me wanting to check my white cards now. Or card - not sure if I ever got one with my city. Too bad I won't be going home for ages yet!
  9. Maybe we should have a color code documentation thread??? :yes:
  10. I completely agree, because I saw a brown bag in a store recently that I loved, but there were also two other different shades of brown. Now, I have no idea what colour was the one that I liked the most.
  11. Great idea........I'll go get my cards......i've got a french blue, vert gazon, cafe, rouge vif and I still have a pic of my truffle card. I'll be back to post.
  12. What we'd really need for that are double-ups, so we can confirm that those digits correspond to the colour rather than the individual bag. KWIM?

    Not bashing the idea at all - it could be immensley useful - but we need a couple of people with the same bag - colour, style etc - to be sure there are numbers that correspond to the colour and nothing else.
  13. exactly because I just checked my gg coin and my gg first from 07 and they had 2 different numbers at the end. I would assume that they'd have the same number since they're the same color. If anyone has a first in grass green or a city in french blue......I could compare my numbers.
  14. I don't think I have a white card... Is this something that comes with the bag if you buy it directly from Balenciaga? :wondering (I bought mine from LVR.)