How to tell authentic Mono canvas

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  1. Just wondering if there already is a thread showing how to spot fake LV monogram canvas purses. What details to look out for and what not to fall for. Please let me know or please post the link for a thread that addresses this question.
  2. LV logos should align
  3. YPK thanks for the input, any more please!!!
  4. Those sites had good info.
  5. The vibrancy and color of the canvas has a great deal to do with authentication as well. Look at the photos below:


    The above photos were taken in natural sun light.


    The two photo's of mine pictured above also were taken in natural sun light.


    It's almost shocking.

    The fake's canvas is extremely dull compared to the real Abbesses. The coloring is also very different!

    Keep in mind though, this is only one way to spot a fake. Some counterfeit Monogram Canvas bags DO have okay looking canvas, but ALWAYS COMPARE!!! Just to be sure. :smile: :amuse:

    Hope this helped you out some!
  6. oh wow! Thanks for the info and pics!! I learn new things everyday!
  7. This helps me too. I've been dying to know how to tell the difference. I think I see more knockoffs around town than the real deals. WoW!
  8. Glad I could help you guys out!
  9. the web site above are very good.